PC Asus inspiered ROG Build

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Hey all, this is my first real build, hope you’ll enjoy it :D .

Reason for that is because i’v never acutally done everything my self before now, but i like what i made and i am surpirsed that it turned out this good :) .

The products i used are listed here :) .

Asus Maximus VI Exstreme motherboard.
Intel I7-4770K Processor
Corsair Dominator platinum 1866 DDR3Ram
Corsair AX1200I Powersupplie + Red sleewed cables
Samsung Evo 840 SSD 250GB
2 X WD 3TB green Harddrives
Asus blueray optical drive
Asus Xonar Phoebus Solo Soundcard.
Lamptron FC v3 6 fan controller

Watercooling is from CoolerKit.dk With their XSPC and Pitpower products

P:S GPU will be released from Nvidia soon, it will be ither Titan Black EDT or 790/880, not sure yet, but there will be more added as soon as the new products are released :D .

Cheers hope you’ll like it.

P:S:S For future upgrades it will be 2 of the same GPU’s, 16GB more ddr3ram and im gonna watercool both the GPU’s + the Ram and use the cylender reservoir with a EK pump and Acrrylic hardtubeing. Again i hope you guys like this and yeah thanks from here :D .


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